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Are you a car enthusiast? Do you enjoy driving your car? Do you like to drive on back country roads? Do you like to meet people? Do you hate driving in traffic? Then a car rally is for you.

A car rally is a car contest that is legally held on public roads that are the roads least traveled. You will be surprised at how many enjoyable back roads there are in the forests, hills, and farmland of our Hoosier countryside. Any two people can enter as a team made up of a driver and a navigator. A sports car is not required - any street legal car or light truck is fine.

At the start each rally team is given a set of route instructions to follow. Average speeds that are slightly below the speed limits will be in the instructions. Rally cars are spaced out in one minute intervals. Along the way you will find secretly located checkpoints. The rally teams that find the checkpoints and arrive most closely to the perfect time will be the winners.

The Indianapolis Region (Indy-SCCA) holds Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) rallies. Long before rally day, the Rallymaster goes out into the country to select the roads to be used and the instructions to be followed. He then measures the mileage with a special odometer that is
accurate to the .001 mile. He calculates the official time for each secret checkpoint.

There are two types of TSD rallies. The first type is called a Tour Rally. On Tour rallies the route instructions are very straight forward and easy to follow. The biggest challenge of a Tour Rally is to stay on time.

The second type is called a Course Rally. Do you like to play games?…solve puzzles? action mystery movies? Then you might prefer a Course Rally. Course rallies have an additional challenge. Course Rallies have some tricky instructions known as Traps. These
instructions need to be interpreted correctly in order to arrive at the checkpoints on time.

These Trap instructions add a second challenge to the event while still needing to stay on time.

If you don’t like to rule your life by the stopwatch - we have Game-Tour-Adventure Rallies (GTA). These are like scavenger hunts - you drive the rally course and answer questions based on signs you see along the way.
Most Indy-SCCA rallies are triple events containing both Tour Rally instructions and Course Rally instructions, as well as GTA instructions.

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